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New Year 2021 : A Year Of Hope

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New Year 2021 : A Year For The Hope of Millions

A great say refers “Future lies beneath The HOPE”

A Brief

Let’s start through a moral thought which generously creates a great mind and then a great hope, sitting in the balcony of apartment in the month of june 2020, i was browsing the world through my wet eye, while a painful thought suddenly breaks in to tears “ is this the day that we have ever imagined in this Era, which makes me feel that i am just alone surviver in the whole world and Calamity has taken away all the living organism”

COVID-19 , This is the name we symbolise this Calamity, It leaves a black spot with a humanatic question whether Manmade or Natural Calamity? 

Way Forward

Year with all the belongings of COVID-19 has been a past from today onwards and throughout the world everyone has a hope for Good in coming 2021, It’s obvious that every human being always hope for good but question still remains the same, from where The Good originates, are we the one who creates it or it is the result of efforts done by us on everyday. In my perspective there is nothing GOOD or BAD, It’s our attached emotion which makes the former or latter.Even a work which seems to be the BAD is performed for the welfare of the human being and other species is GOOD and vice-versa.Past Year and Calamity has teaches us a lot of values for the humanity, Migrant labours way to their home without food remind us how we have suffered, locked inside home just like caged bird remind us how our caged pet feels like, while memorising each instances of the lockdown and moment we had spent teaches us now to look forward and make a change in ourself.

Yes, Let’s hope for the good and best in 2021 but with this let’s change our emotion and kindness towards those who need us, on this day let’s make a promise to each other that we will help every human being and creature for their welfare, Let’s us take a promise to make others happy, let‘s be a reason for the smile of others not the sorrow, if we will be able to do this, any calamity in the world can never beat us.

May God Bring and Add Lots of Happiness to Your Days, DawnSource Wishes you Very Happy New Year 2021 to You & Your Family.

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